General Data Protection Regulation

which you should consider

Details about data protection and privacy.

1. This webpage – – is property of Dsway Ltd. Dsway Ltd. is a company specialized in creating digital design, web page development, and creating digital content (copy and images), with headquarters in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

2. The data we collect: personal and trade names, brand names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, nick names, other data voluntary provided to us.

3. Dsway Ltd. collects and stores personal data obtained through the contact form of this web page, or gathered by the Cookies

4. The data is collected for several reasons:

     4.1 to contact the user back via phone, mail, e-mail, chat, or another specified means.
     4.2 to create a profile of the user with the aim to provide tailored services and improved experience.
     4.3 to keep you updated about company information, sales, and promotions we have via newsletter, mail, phone, or chat.
     4.4 to collect feedback from users in order to refine our services.

5. Your personal data is stored for an indetermined period of time – until the desired commercial goals are achieved, or until the user requires to have their personal information deleted from this web page.

6. This web page uses SSL certificates to ensure the secure connections between the web page and its users.

7. The collected data is not disclosed to third parties outside of Dsway Ltd. Collected data may be shared, disclosed or processed by members/emplyees of Dsway Ltd. for specified commercial activities only.

8. Any user can access, edit, or delete personal data by submitting a written request, using our contact form on the web page, or by contacting us directly on the phone or Skype.

9. Any user may opt out of letting this web page collect their data by simply not browsing through it and not providing any personal details through the contact form.

10. Dsway Ltd reserves its rights to update this GDPR Privacy Policy when new changes are required.